Boutique Business


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Over 50% of small businesses fail in the first year, and that stat may be climbing in the retail industry due to poor pre-planning. While owning a boutique sounds like a blast, it’s actually a business that requires a great deal of commitment, unique skillsets and a passion for helping others.


Let’s make sure your business has a solid foundation so that you aren’t caught off guard later!

Getting Started


Proven strategies that work for sales and clients to remain consistent within your business. Learn how to keep clients engaged and encouraged to continue being a customer. Incorporate additional streams of income with minimal work. 

Profit Mapping

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Boutique owner who is looking to make six figures or more income in their 1 + year old business. Over the course of this 12 Week Group Coaching Program, your mindset will shift with your as your margins will increase (making you more money !) and your intensive  marketing plan will be put to work 

Six Figure Success

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