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You + Your Brand's Image = Success

Wondering how to build a brand that's relatable and trusted, and get creative strategy for growth and sustainability? Let me explain....

Brand success

I help you create a brand that's relatable and trusted and show you how to show up authentically for your brand. Positioning yourself for the right audience is key. With attainable goals and a creative strategy for growth and sustainability. You'll be on your way to Success. 


100% REAL I'm completely. honest and won't tell you what you want to hear. The truth is often uncomfortable but necessary in order to become successful - so we'll explore your values, what makes you unique, why your story matters, and how to communicate it authentically.


You'll learn how to become an authority in your industry by leveraging the power of your personal story or expertise with strategies like creating a media kit or gaining publicity & reviews from influencers.


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Brand Success


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I help my clients to take control of their brands image and tell their story for success. I teach them how to be intentional with their words, posts, photos, and videos. And I give them the tools they need to have a clear vision for themselves and their brand so that they can be who they want to be without sacrificing themselves or their goals.

It's not just about how you look on social media anymore. It's about what you do with it! As a brand success coach, I show my clients how to leverage their image and platforms by creating content that will resonate with their target audience.


I absolutely enjoyed myself. The personal attention paid to each participant was wonderful. Shawna gave me so many things to consider as I revamp my career. She is very encouraging and her energy is contagious.

- Agape Wellness

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Shawna Solomon is a business mogul, influencer, and brand image coach. She's helped build dozens of successful brands over the last three decades, go from being stuck to scaling well over six figures and having the success they worked for. 


Shawna educates small business owners, who are  in the process of shifting their retail business, to achieve its maximum growth and financial stability. Empowering entrepreneurs to be successful is my passion via her Brand Development Firm, Shawna Solomon & Associates


She is also the Owner of The Shawna Solomon Collection, a boutique geared toward female powerhouses, which provides them with attire that syncs with their brand image.

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