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There are many stylist, coaches and experts out there providing vague services but not handling the real issue at hand, leaving you wondering why sales aren't being made and potential clients are not biting...

Fairy Style Mother

A name given to by a client. because of how I made them feel after a session. It's not just about how you look on the outside, it's also how you feel on the inside. 

In order to successfully 'style' someone, you have to get to know them, they have to trust you....kinda like a mother. My clients trust that i will provide them with the proper 'look' to reach their professional (and personal goals) while keeping them at their comfort level, allowing them to be confident and go after anything they want. My clients have earned 6 figures, obtained high level positions and exceeded their sales goals. 

I'd love the opportunity to assist you in reaching levels you desire. 

Are you ready to own every room you walk in?  Make people want to work with you instead of having to say your pitch AND closing the sale? 

Time to Change the way you talk about yourself , Visualize how you want to be and have the confidence to make it happen...

Award Winning Celebrity Fashion Stylist & Image Consultant, Shawna Solomon has made her mark as a Fashionpreneur. She now travels the country providing professional & business women the tools they need to earn the income and clients they desire. 




Working with Shawna has been a journey of learning, exploration and growth when it comes to styling. She has a vision that comes to life the moment she sees you and identifies your style. The added touch is her amazing ability to take up a few notches! My closet styling experience with Shawna taught me how to maximize my pieces and to be daring with color! Work with her and watch things come to life! I can't wait for the next steps in my styling journey. Thank you Shawna!

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