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Work With Shawna

Develop a strong, sustainable, and authentic brand for success.

Specializing in the growth of small businesses, we will work on your creative branding strategy to ensure that you show up with the most powerful version of your brand and yourself.


Together, we will position you properly to help you find your way in the business world. Together we'll set attainable goals so you can be clear on what it takes to make your dreams come true.

Choose your Path


Here to assist you

* Growing your brand 

* Clarify your business goals 


* Being financially independent via Entrepreneurship 

Become a Client

Are you ready to make a significant impact with your brand and desire hands-on, personalized guidance?

This exclusive program offers a high level of customization and dedicated attention to your brand's growth.

Working closely together, we will assess your brand's current state, define your goals, and develop a custom strategy to achieve tangible results.

Join Brand Builders Mentorship Groups

Are you someone who thrives on collaboration, values peer-to-peer support, and is ready to take your brand to the next level? The  Mentorship Program is designed for individuals like you.

One Time Consult

Are you a elf-motivated individual who loves to learn and take charge of your own brand's success? The one time consult is  perfect for you! 

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