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Founder of Shawna Solomon & Associates, a boutique image firm, empowering female entrepreneurs to create a clear and powerful brand image, so that they may increase credibility and revenue to become financially independent. Shawna trains business owners, who are just getting started or in the process of shifting their retail business, to achieve its maximum growth and financial stability. She is also the owner of the Shawna Solomon Collection, a boutique geared toward female powerhouses, which provides them with attire that syncs with their brand image.

The Firm

SSA is dedicated to small business owners and their success. We provide clients with the tools to create a trusted brand image so they can increase their credibility and revenue to become financially  independent.


The Boutique

Unique pieces for Business and Professional women. Stylish statement pieces for women to increase their presence at events.

Styled Twice

Fancy living in your style with our Pre-loved statement pieces and accessories waiting to be reStyled with your personal vibe. We have a range of stylishly-curated, pre loved garments that are perfect for those who want to maintain their style on a tight budget. Take this as an opportunity to level up your sense of fashion without breaking the bank.

Currently under reconstruction

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